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Vsyo te dje myi: nam tseliy mir tchugbina; Otechestvo nam Tsarskoe Selo... Alexander Pushkin

Some pictures from the Big Palace Collection

Philipp Peter Roos(Rosa da Tivoli)1655-1706
Adriaen van Ostade 1610-1690
Country Holiday
Portrait of the old man in a velvet cap
Richard Brakenburgh 1650-1702
Country money-changer
Richard Brakenburgh 1650-1702
Country Holiday
Willem van de Velde 1633-1707
Shore of the sea
Emanuel de Witte 1616-1692
In Catholic church
Philips Wouwerman
Falcon hunting
Justus van Huijsum 1659-1716
Flowers in a vase
Jan Davitsz de Heem 1606-1684
Still life
Johannes Glauber 1646-1726
Apollo and Daphne
Barend van der Meer 1659-1702
Flowers and fruits
Carel de Moor 1656-1738
The philosopher with the book
Aert van der Neer 1603-1677
Moon night on the river
Moysesz van Uytenbroeck 1590-1648
Hermaphroditos and Salmakis
Gijsbert Sibilla 1598-1652
Consecration of Samuel
Peter van Lint 1609-1690
Scipio Africanus
Pieter Paul Rubens
Abduction of Sabinians
Antonio Balestra 1666-1740
Jupiter and Antiope
Giacomo Francesco Cipper(Todeschini)
Oldman and girl
Jean Marc Nattier 1685-1766
Allegory of music
Jacques Blanchard 1600-1638
Johann Karl Loth 1632-1698
Sleeping Bacchus
Ottmar Elliger 1666-1735
Self-burning of Dido after Aeneas departure
David Teniers 1610-1690
Guardsman room
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